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Our Amazing Food Journey!

 Our love and passion for food is undeniable. We began our career in the food industry over 50 years ago.Our first store was in Flushing, New York. It was originally a cheese shop that later became an Italian meat & cheese specialty store. That is where we perfected the artistry and techniques of cheese making.

We came to this country with a dream to succeed and with hard work, effort and discipline; we have created a better life for our family, proving that the American dream is attainable. Love for our Italian heritage and culture has given us the drive to continue forging forward, knowing that nothing is easy in life.

The key is to never give up!

  We thank God every day for blessing us with beautiful supportive children and grandchildren. It is because of our customers’ loyalty that we are still here serving you today. 

     Our family looks forward to continuing the legacy by serving you good authentic Italian food passed on through our family recipes and regional food traditions.


It has been a memorable 20 years at this location.

   Thank you for your continued patronage!  


"If you can dream it, you can do it."-Walter Disney


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